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The de la Torre brothers blown glass Sculptures

The art exhibition at the National Hispanic Cultural Center has been extended by popular demand until August 16, 2009 and it is surely one of the most beautiful, original and engaging art displays of the year. The intricate blown glass and “mixed” media works of Jamex and Einar de la Torre address the complex experiences of living in an increasingly global society filled with immigrant and transnational experiences. Their art brings together Mexican figures, dance masks, popular religious icons, skeletons, and tourist kitsch.  The bi-national brothers, who were born in Guadalajara, Mexico, now live on both sides of the border.  Their blown glass has complex visual layers and vibrant colors, along with a political and cultural point of view.

Please join host Stephen Spitz and the de la Torre brothers for a discussion of their witty, unconventional and sometimes confrontational works of art.

Produced with the assistance of Roman Garcia.

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