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How to Increase Downtown Walkability by Slowing Down Traffic

Following the just completed changes to Albuquerque’s 4th Street Mall downtown, we ask urban designer Jeff Speck what else could be done to make Downtown more vital and pedestrian-friendly? Speck recently prepared a walkability analysis of our Downtown for the City, focused on what he terms the 4 components of walkability, namely is the walk useful, safe, comfortable, and interesting. Those four criteria form the basis for how a relatively small number of planning interventions, mainly slowing down traffic by eliminating and narrowing driving lanes, could influence the livability and vitality of downtown Albuquerque. So, if you are interested in how the heart of Albuquerque’s downtown can be quickly changed, at minimal cost, while still having a major impact on the amount of walking and biking Downtown, please join urban planner Jeff Speck and host Stephen Spitz this Friday morning. Produced with assistance of Jefferson White and Lynn Schibeci.

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