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What’s wrong with New Mexico’s economy?

Seven years after the Great Recession our economy, previously a solid performer (2.8% growth in 2007), continues to struggle with very modest growth (1%) forecast for the next five years. Meanwhile, healthcare, and specifically the Medicaid expansion, is one of the few economic bright spots, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the State to provide medical care. But, since there was a doc shortage even before ObamaCare, are Medicaid recipients actually getting the care they need? And, when the Federal share of the Medicaid expansion drops from its current 100% to 90% in 2020, will New Mexico be able to able to afford the bill? Please join host Stephen Spitz and special guest, Dr. Lee Reynis, the former Director of UNM’s Bureau of Economic Research, as we learn why the New Mexico economy continues to underperform and how the Medicaid expansion is working. Produced with assistance of Jefferson White and Lynn Schibeci.

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