Who is New Mexico’s new Archbishop, John Wester?

Our guest this month is Archbishop John Wester who was installed on June 4, 2015 as the 12th archbishop of Santa Fe. In Wester, New Mexico Catholics have seen an archbishop who is highly engaged in “political” issues such immigration reform as well as childhood poverty, promoting strategies such as funding early childhood education through annual distributions from New Mexico’s $16B Land Grant Permanent Fund. Recently he was criticized by name by the Journal for advocating on behalf of Santa Fe’s soda tax to fund preK, obviously highly political stance. At the same time he adheres to the church’s teachings against gay marriage and abortion, praising those have coming forward “to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves” and has set about to eliminate the stain of pedophilia from the Church including in a very recent case in Los Lunas. Please join host Stephen Spitz and special guest Archbishop John Wester as we explore the proper role of the Church in today’s complex world.

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