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Catch and Release Judges

Are Catch and Release Judges responsible for our high crime rate?

In 2016 New Mexico voters approved a Constitutional Amendment giving judges the power to release a defendant prior to trial based on that individual’s risk of danger or flight, not on how much an arrestee can pay to get out of jail. Critics, including Governor Martinez, say this Amendment is exacerbating New Mexico’s crime problem, and call for it to be “repealed and replaced”. Defenders of the Amendment, including the chairman of the state bail reform committee, former UNM Law School Dean Leo Romero, argue that while none of the 2010-to-2016-crime rate increase can be attributed to the later adoption of the November 2016 constitutional amendment, it will take time for prosecutors and courts to adjust to new rules.

Please join host Stephen Spitz and special guest, Professor Leo Romero, as we explore bail reform in New Mexico.

Produced with the assistance of Marshall Broyles and Lynn Schibeci.

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