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New Mexico’s 2015 Legislative Session: What Will Pass?

Our 60-day legislative session begins this month with Governor Martinez having the upper hand. However, New Mexico still has a divided government with a Republican Governor, a new Republican House, but with Democrats maintaining a shaky majority in the Senate. By law, the 60-day session must produce a budget and this month we will analyze key budget items, along with specific legislation, including: 1) a proposed a Constitutional Amendment which would distribute 11/2% of New Mexico’s $15 billion Permanent Fund to early childhood programs; 2) retention of 3rd Graders not reading at grade level; 3) the repeal of drivers licenses for “illegal” immigrants, and 4) new proposed voter ID and right to work laws. Joining host Stephen Spitz to discuss these issues are two former Albuquerque city councilors still very much in the political know: Democrat Miguel Gomez and for the Republicans, Greg Payne. Produced with assistance of Jefferson White and Lynn Schibeci.

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