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Why Our State Falsely Claimed $36 million in Medicaid Fraud

New Mexico’s behavioral health system was upended in 2013 when the Martinez administration froze millions of dollars in payments due 15 behavioral health nonprofits after an audit supposedly raised questions about $36 million in fraudulent Medicaid billings. Now one of the Arizona companies, brought in to replace the nonprofits, after leaving the State in disgust, has charged that the real fraud was committed by the company charged with overseeing and paying for the behavioral health services, United Health Care. Moreover, the nonprofits, which were forced out of business by the freeze, have recently been cleared of fraud by Attorney General Balderas. However, they are still owed millions of dollars and behavioral health services have yet to recover. Joining Host Stephen Spitz to discuss these developments is Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, who has chaired hearings around the State on the controversy. Produced with assistance of Jefferson White and Lynn Schibeci.

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