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Early Childhood Programs—Are they worth the Cost?

From reducing crime to increasing educational and economic outcomes, the go-to answer seems to be “early childhood education”. But why, what is the need for outside, early intervention with our young children and is there evidence that home visiting and pre-K programs can accomplish the desired results. We will put these questions to a true expert, Allen Sanchez, the head of Chi St Joseph’s Children, which runs the largest home visiting program in the United States, now in five New Mexico counties. But, what about the rest of the State? Since 80% of New Mexico’s 28,000 births are Medicaid qualified, do New Mexico’s early childhood programs meet our existing needs or do they require additional funding from our $15B Permanent Fund as advocates contend? To learn more about the substance and financing of our early childhood programs please join host Stephen Spitz and guest Allen Sanchez. Produced with assistance of Jefferson White and Lynn Schibeci.

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