Are NM’s Children Finally Receiving a “Sufficient Education”

In a landmark 2018 decision, the court in Yazzie/Martinez held that the State was violating New Mexico students’ constitutional right to a “sufficient education”. The State was therefore required to invest in the programs and services that have proven successful in raising outcomes for Native Americans, English Language learners, those with disabilities and students from low income households. Leading the way for plaintiffs have been Native American rights groups, and on today’s show New Mexico People Place and Ideas’ host Stephen Spitz is joined by Regis Pecos, Chair of the Tribal Education Alliance on education.

The show will focus on why the education of Native Americans and others was found to be insufficient, what are the programs and services that raise those outcomes, and if they have changed since 2018. We will also discuss the NM Attorney General’s announcement that he intends to replace the law firm defending the case after meeting with plaintiffs and Native American leaders. 

Produced with the assistance of Lynn Schibeci, Gus Tofoya, and Roman Garcia.

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