The Largest Early Childhood Home-Visiting Program in the US

One of the largest and most comprehensive home-visiting programs in the country is being carried out right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico by St. Joseph Community Health. St. Joseph has taken the $80 million earned from the sale of the former St. Joseph Healthcare System in Albuquerque and is investing the profits into early childhood programs. As CEO Allen Sanchez will explain, the goal is to make sure our children reach kindergarten with the health and family support necessary to support learning. The program focuses on a child’s health & development during the most important period of early brain development – from prenatal to three years of age. First time pregnant women and parents receive weekly home visits by a trained health educator. The visits are an opportunity for new parents to learn about encouraging infant growth and development, selecting books & toys that teach, creating stimulating environments, and nurturing positive relationships.  Double-blind social science research shows that this type of program has lasting benefits into adulthood. So please join host Stephen Spitz and Allen Sanchez, to learn much more about why St. Joseph’s early childhood program works. Produced with the assistance of Joe Green.

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