Power Storage: The Key to Green Energy?

The electric car along with wind, solar, and nuclear energy all face a common problem – power storage. Today’s guest, Abbas Akhil is the principal member of Sandia National Laboratories Battery Staff, and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to advanced battery technology. How and why did Japanese auto makers get the jump on the US “big three” on the electric car? Is the lithium-ion battery, the power source for your computer and cell phone, now the key to US electric car success and what are its prospects? How does the rest of the world store energy produced by power-plants during off-peak hours and how advanced is power plant battery storage? And, finally, how has our government, and governments around the world, supported the drive for advanced battery technology. Please join host Stephen Spitz as we explore this key impediment to the wide adoption of green energy. Produced with the assistance of John Burgund and Tristan Clum.

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