Reforming the APD: Why is it Taking so Long?

Use of force continues to be an issue with the Albuquerque Police Department. Between 2010 and 2014 APD shot and killed nearly 30 of our fellow citizens. Everything changed on March 16,2014 when video footage captured the police shooting and killing James Boyd, a mentally ill, homeless man, in the back. Shortly thereafter, the Department of Justice, issued a comprehensive report finding that the APD had a practice of violating a suspect’s civil rights through the unjustified use of lethal force. In response, the City entered into a Federal Court Consent Decree with the DOJ and a Monitor, James Ginger, was appointed to “monitor” APD’s reform. Now, the Monitor has issued his 2nd Report to the Court on this reform, and he is “anything but pleased”. For example, only 8 of 277 reforms have achieved “operational compliance”. Why is progress so slow? Joining host Stephen Spitz to answer this question is former City prosecutor, Public Safety Director, and City Council member Pete Dinelli, who believes that the only way to truly reform the APD is by replacing its top brass. Produced with assistance of Jefferson White and Lynn Schibeci.

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