Where is New Mexico’s Election headed?

This off-year election is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in years with public interest at an all time high. In the national races for control of the US Senate, recent polls indicate that Republicans are likely to maintain control while Democrats are favored win the US House.

In New Mexico, Democrats are also favored in the Governor, US Senate and in 2 of 3 US house races. Polls also suggest that the Democrats will expand their majority in the NM House. All of these prognostications, however, are dependent on voter intensity, which hinges on turnout.

Joining host Stephen Spitz to talk about the coming election will be Joe Monahan, author of the State’s go to political blog and long-time host of public radio’s local election night coverage.

Produced with assistance of Roman Garcia,Tanya Cole and Lynn Schibeci.

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