Mexico’s Weak Justice System but strong Economic Outlook

Today’s guest is Michael S. Vigil, a former undercover DEA agent in Mexico, who rose to be the DEA’s Chief of International Operations worldwide. In our March 2023 show, Vigil traced the origin and development of the Mexican drug cartels. This month New Mexico People Place and Ideas’ host Stephen Spitz focuses on how that history affects Mexico today. We start with a cause celeb in Mexico, the 43 missing and presumably murdered college students. The resulting 2014 criminal case has gone nowhere, allegedly because those implicated are the military, the police, politicians, and judges.

What does this say about Mexico’s criminal justice system? Next we look at the cartels’ entry into lawful businesses, with up to 60% revenues now coming from extortion and theft. Finally, the positives.  Mexico is now the US’s #1 trading partner and already is an economic engine for NM. What are the prospects? 

Produced with assistance of Gus Tafoya, and Roman Garcia.

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